Hi! I'm Louise. I'm a 39 year old proud Bradfordian. I enjoy live music, films, learning Portuguese and hanging out with my hubby and cats. Oh, and I’m obsessed with all things photography! Louise Westbrooke Photography was born in 2014, when, as a stressed-out Probation Officer, I decided I needed a career change... I haven't looked back since! My career has been so varied since then and in addition to weddings, I've also photographed musicians, reality stars and former Wimbledon players!

My interest in photography began a number of years ago through a plastic film camera; it has been my passion since then and I now own more than 50 (mainly film) cameras - I'm now on a one in/one out system!. I love shooting with both digital and film cameras and have completed courses in both digital photography and traditional darkroom techniques, in order to improve my understanding of the medium. My professional development continues through regular attendance at workshops and industry conferences and I usually have a personal project ongoing too. This helps me grow my creativity and encourages me to learn new skills and techniques. My personal work has been published in the Photodarium Calendar for three years running and has been displayed in the ‘Shadow is a Colour’ exhibition in both Barcelona & Moia in Spain. I've also been featured as a guest photographer on Polaroid of the Day.

When shooting weddings and events, my photographic style is relaxed and natural. Although I do shoot some 'semi-posed' portraits (if required), I mainly capture candid moments, so you and your guests are free to enjoy your wedding or event without too much intrusion and your final images are a true reflection of your day. This is what you will want to look back on in years to come! When it comes to portrait shoots, I give some direction in order to ensure that you look your best, but I aim to capture natural interactions and emotions. Following a shoot, I edit all your images to ensure that they are perfect, although I do not heavily 'Photoshop' pictures. My aim is provide an accurate representation of a moment in time, to ensure that your memories last a lifetime. 
Whilst my professional work is mainly produced using digital cameras, the use of instant/film cameras can be integrated into your wedding day/shoot if you are looking for something a little different.