General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Your Right to Privacy


Your Personal Data:


I collect information regarding you and your partner/family/whomever you are being photographed with, if applicable, as required to carry out my role as your photographer. This may include your name, address, contact information, wedding details and wedding party names and anything else you deem appropriate to tell me. This information is provided by you and not gathered from anywhere else and is necessary to perform my job.




The above mentioned data is provided by you via my website (hosted by Zenfolio)/email (gmail)/contract (hosted by Sign Now). You may also provide me information via Facebook Messenger. These companies have their own privacy polices and are required to comply with GDPR; please refer to them for details. I store the information provided by you on my computer and mobile phone, both of which are locked with passwords and stored securely. If there are any paper copies of this information (i.e. if I've taken notes when we meet), it is also stored securely in my home office. My home is, for obvious reasons, locked at all times and is not accessible by members of the public/other clients. My entire computer contents are backed up using Backblaze, a cloud based back up facility; again, Backblaze have their own privacy policy and are required to comply with GDPR. Please contact them for details.


Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure:

If you would like to know what information I hold about you, please contact me to request this. It will be whatever you have provided to me previously and I will provide confirmation of what this is, in writing. Furthermore, if you wish for the information to be deleted, please request this and I will do so promptly

Use of your data:

I will only use your data for purposes necessary to do my job. I will not pass it on to others without your permission, nor will I use it to sell you future services. If you have agreed in your contract, I may share images of you on my website, facebook page and instagram, for the purpose of promoting my business. It remains unclear how GDPR is applied to images, but if you are uncomfortable with any images of yourself being shared on my website and social media, even if you have previously agreed, you can withdraw this permission at any point. If I photograph your wedding, it is possible that your wedding guests may be in some images that I share; again, they also have the right to have these images removed if they wish. If, after your wedding, suppliers ask for images, I will share them if you have agreed to this in your contract; if you haven't, I will contact you to see if you want me to share them or not. Again, images are backed up using Backblaze cloud back-up facility. 

If you have any questions about GDPR and your privacy, please contact me and I will endeavour to answer them!